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It’s Just Me

Did you ever wish someone would follow you around with a camera to capture unexpected synchronicities, spontaneous moments of love and laughter, and some of your most brilliant moves?

It’s different when you carry a camera yourself. You miss being in the moment trying to document life but if someone else held the camera, to pick up on the unstructured, unprompted and unrehearsed elements, I think you’d have a much truer picture of life.

Truer, because I believe we hold memories that aren’t complete, evidenced as people experiencing the same circumstances or events will remember them quite differently. Partly because their priorities are different than ours – what we pay attention to may not be the same for them – but the emotion behind the memory is based on individual perspective. Since we view everything through our conditioning, it’s natural that we would experience life differently.

Of course, we can always maintain control of the edit button but unlike our memories, where we might edit out moments naturally, I believe keeping the reel in its entirety has the greatest value.

Here is why I say that.

The last few days I’ve had a few incidents that impacted my feeling of self-worth, or better said, that I allowed to impact my feeling of self-worth. When I’m feeling low, what I often do is reach out to others looking for an opportunity to send some high vibes or values their way. Today was filled with those initiatives which included me pulling a copy of the Aha! Moment Journal from my cupboard to autograph and send to a special friend. I started reading the Foreword, the Introduction, marveled at how many friends and associates stopped what they were doing at the time to write reviews to be included in the front cover, then turned to a random page of an Aha! Moment, then another and another. I paused for a moment realizing what good work this book is, the depth of the insights and how magical a tool it is to someone wishing to transform in some way. It reflected back to me my value.

While many days I truly wish everyone was on my Aha! Moment Monday subscriber list, my point is that for the past few days I was focused on who I am not as opposed to who I am. I felt weakened. Is being our own worse critic a help or a hindrance?

Aha! “I think one day you’ll find that you’re the hero you’ve been looking for. –Jimmy Stewart

Growth requires that we never become complacent however sometimes we need to look down from the side of the mountain to appreciate the height we’ve achieved.

I truly believe that if you had a life reel and played it back, you would realize that you’ve injected FAR more goodness into mankind than you ever imagined, been a hero in WAY more circumstances than you were ever aware of, and that you would absolutely glow knowing how your light lifts SO many.

“Each person is born with an infinite power, against which no earthly force is of the slightest significance.” ~ Neville Goddard

Sometimes we need a little reminder that it’s not “just me” but “ME” (caps, bold, underlined) that is who we are. Jump on A Human Approach YouTube channel for the full version of, “It’s Just Me.”

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