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It’s not bragging

Aha Moment Monday

“Do you really appreciate me?  Because I consistently deliver, perhaps you’re not aware of just how much I do.”


Okay, so you probably wouldn’t say this to the company President, an association member or even your spouse but the thought has crossed your mind, hasn’t it?


We can’t ignore that an endless effort to keep all the balls in the air, and to a high degree of care and expertise, can lead to burn-out.  More and more people are experiencing anxiety, chronic fatigue, insomnia, anger or even depression,  tell-tale signs that they’re hitting a wall –  in order to deliver to expectations.


Why is that?

Is it for fear of losing a job, a member, a customer, that someone might take our place or that we’ll miss an opportunity for financial advancement that we plow through, head down?

Or is it that we are void of perceived respect or validation that we don’t set healthy boundaries?


Aha – Maybe they just don’t know


Sprinkle a little self-promotion into that workload.


It might not be that your boss, member, customer or teenager is unappreciative of your efforts but that they simply don’t know what it takes to be you.

With a world filled with people on overload, everyone is focused on their own work.  Your work, and precisely all that it entails, might need a little exposure.


Sure, sometimes you have to drive hard – life goes in cycles and there are stretches that require you to go all out – but if it’s continuous then perhaps it’s because your “banner” is rolled up and tucked into your back pocket.  A little glimpse into your world is good for all of us.  We get to see how much you care, where your priorities rest, be in awe of your expertise and perhaps help you have a little more fun.


That glimpse you’re offering isn’t bragging or defending, it’s necessary insight so we can appreciate you.

And we do appreciate you.


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