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Aha!  Moment Monday

Did you ever wish you could turn on a ‘transparent button’ so you could see how your body is functioning?

Like when you have an ache, pain or cramp or something that doesn’t feel right, wouldn’t it be wonderful to flip on a switch that would immediately give you a clear view of how everything was working so you could remedy it?

One of my friends, Jason, a body transformation expert, says the body is the greatest lie detector; when it doesn’t like something in its environment, it gives you immediate feedback. The problem is, we aren’t taught how to be sensitive to subtle signs – like fatigue, change in weight, headaches, stiffness, tummy discomfort, lack of focus – to understand that they are all reactions to that environment. The body is designed to heal itself, but we’re conditioned that when something isn’t right, we remedy the cry, not the cause and improperly fuel ourselves.

Add to the mix the mind and knowing that we are souls wearing this suit of flesh in order to have this experience on earth, you grasp just how relevant the mind is to the body’s health.

When your beautiful maple tree in the backyard is filling out exactly as you expect it to, you believe it must be because it is connecting with quality nutrients in the soil and getting sufficient water and energy from the sun. When the soil is depleted, water is scarce and something is blocking its light, it is robbed of the basics from which it can thrive. Do you then fertilize the soil, turn on the sprinkler and adjust its environment so it can receive the light in all its glory?

Aha! ~ To fully bloom, feed first your soul.

The tree’s glory (or chaos) is a reflection of what is happening at the root, its soul. When you take care of the root, you take care of the tree.

Oh, and do you ever expect your maple tree to grow lemons, bloom roses or stay small? Its root is uniquely designed to fulfill its purpose as a maple tree. It is inherent in its DNA to become the strongest, fullest, greenest, richest, most glorious maple tree that nature intended… not a blade of grass, not a rose bush, not produce lemons or any other fruit, simply be the best maple tree it can be.

Go within to never go without.

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