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Need a little inspiration?

I have never met anyone who is 100% consistent in their mood or attitude, in meeting their goals, in sticking to their commitments, or in staying on budget.  After all, part of being human is not being robotic and allowing our free will and desire to steer the way.

But that inconsistent journey of coming into ourselves brings highs and lows, winning and learning, profits and losses, love and fear – a gamut of opposites – and the more we dare to challenge ourselves, the greater will be the breadth of experiences between those points. 

On the brighter side of a polarity, we feel strong, confident, happy, fulfilled, and sometimes even invincible, but the darker side can feel heavy, cloudy, weak, or confusing.

And at that confusing time, when inspiration lands in the form of encouraging words, vision, or motivation from another, is that enough to get back on track?  The other day I heard someone say, “If a man is convinced against his will, he will hold the same opinion still.” 

When can another’s inspiration be enough to ignite your will?

Aha! ~ It all starts with your vision.

The root word of inspiration – SPIR– is Latin for breath, to blow into, or breathe.  Inspiration can be like a breath of fresh air but at some point, you need to start breathing more fresh air on your own. 

Simon Sinek said, “Words may inspire but only action creates change.”  The key is that if action is taken based on fear or external motivating factors, the change may be short-lived or garner outcomes that don’t necessarily align with your soul’s purpose.  

A clear vision, though, will carry you through the dark patches as you remind yourself that those experiences are meant to be had.  During confusing times, being quiet, and watching – and listening – for inspiration will give you the clues you need to get closer to bringing your vision into reality.

Oh, and it’s more than okay to believe in another’s belief in you until you see your brilliance for yourself.

Keep going.

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