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Kicking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Aha! Moment Monday

I attended an entrepreneur’s boot camp last winter.  One of the exercises was for everyone to write a super clear statement as to their product or service offering as well as what they required in order to fulfill their vision.  Each member had a couple of minutes to share their story and express gratitude in advance for the help they’d receive from the group.

It was a large room with over 100 attendees and no shortage of talented individuals with the ability to “plus” any endeavour.  When members caught a vision and could inject helpful ideas, products or services, they wrote those details on a card and handed it to the individual making the presentation.

Many members were generous with their ideas to support and open to connect afterwards.

In my case, having a big network of quality individuals, I was able to offer specific feedback, information, referral opportunities and/or connections to many in the room.

I wasn’t prepared for what was to happen afterwards.

Rather than people connecting to ask for that service or introduction or gift, many put me on a mass mailing that asked everyone to “like” their page, sign up for their blog or promote their book.

Aha! ~ “There is a difference between leveraging and taking advantage.  Know the difference.”  ~ Cliff Quicksell, MAS+, Speaker, Motivator, Consultant, Author

“Leveraging comes from a strategic and giving mindset” says Cliff “creating a win/win environment.”

Cliff identifies the four pillars of powerful leveraging

Skill sets
Past experiences
Armed with that information you’re ready to go to work to identify ways in which not only is that individual in a position to support you, but you support them.

Let’s say someone offers to repost your blog – with a comment – in a market in which you have a keen desire to serve.  That enormous gift of leverage is your opportunity to graciously receive their offer with one of your own; perhaps an endorsement, introduction or invitation to collaborate.

Giving back never goes out of style.


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