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Laugh for Goodness Sake!

Aha!  Moment Monday

Is there anything better than a good laugh?

You know, the laughter that makes your belly jiggle and completely overrides any other thought. The laughter that consumes you and feels like it moves you to a better space.

For my birthday, a friend bought me a book entitled Golf Jokes and my favourite section tells of some comedic exchanges between players and caddies. Here is one:

Player: My doctor says I can’t play golf.

Caddie: Oh, so your doctor has played with you before!

Another one:

Player: Did you see where my ball landed?

Caddie: You hit it so far left that not even Lassie could find it even if it were wrapped in bacon!

Did you know that an active sense of humour can protect you against heart disease? That people who laugh more often are more resilient? That laughter lowers your stress and improves your short-term memory?

Aha! ~ Lighten up, for goodness sake.

“Adaptive humor, such as cheering people up or seeing the humor in negative events, is connected to well-being and psychological health” writes Dr. Ursula Beerman at the Institute of Psychology. And when you don’t take yourself too seriously you acknowledge that, “….you’re not the centre of the universe.”

Now it is not a good practice to laugh at someone else’s expense nor is it healthy to put yourself down, but as a golfer, I can attest to the fact that golf is a very humbling sport, which makes it a great practice ground to learn to laugh at yourself and allow others to laugh with you. It also makes you a fun playing partner and healthier in a myriad of ways.

Create a safe zone within your family, your colleagues, your community and most importantly yourself, to enjoy the trips and silliness of being human. Laugh more. Worry less. Enjoy your best life.

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It’s time to take A Human Approach.

Succeed Deliberately!

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