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Laughter: because we’re worth it

Aha Moment Monday

There’s nothing more fun than having fun!

Now the definition of “fun” is different for different people but one thing we all have in common is that we love to laugh.

When we say it “feels good to laugh” we’re not kidding.

Laughter not only lifts us emotionally but because laughter is proven to decrease stress hormones and increased immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies, it really does feel good to laugh!
Laughter keeps our bodies at ease, the polar opposite of the dis-ease state that stress imposes.

The effects of laughter can last for several minutes afterwards because it triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin, the “feel good” chemicals.

Have you ever caught yourself laughing out loud at a book you’re reading or a video you’re watching in a crowded waiting room filled with people on their cell phones?
Did you find that in no time people were looking up smiling or laughing with you?

Why is that?
Is laughter such a welcomed distraction or is it a hidden desire to connect to one another?

Aha – laughter brings us together

“Humour and laughter are infectious and can bring people together and make them forget their troubles and one of the best tools to maintain a positive outlook and good health.” Writes Mack Lemouse in Health Guidance. “Laughter is also correlated with mental health and has many social and interpersonal benefits. With all these benefits, laughter is an antidepressant, pain killer, workout, stress reliever and a great way to make friends and strengthen bonds.”

I know “work” is a four-letter word but the good news is that we get to work with others. People can give us our greatest sense of connectivity and belonging.
If laughter is our common denominator with endless benefits, then bring it on!!
I’ll start.

I just read a book about helium. It was so good I can’t put it down! Ha ha ha!


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