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Left Foot Up, Right Foot Slide

Aha!  Moment Monday


The BLOG title for this Aha! is “Left foot up. Right foot slide” (Drake fans will recognize this) and true to the subject (chosen over a week ago), getting this week’s Aha! loaded took a few sideways steps before going forward.

How comically ironic.

Thank you to Carolynne, Bonnie and all of you who noticed the Aha! was missing from your inbox at 8:00 a.m. and messaged me. I appreciate you … and can’t wait for this week’s Facebook LIVE to connect with everyone!

And now for your Aha! …

Mars is in retrograde and you know what that means!

Okay, maybe you don’t or maybe you don’t follow or even believe in astrology or predictions. That’s cool. I’ve signed my name with a star ever since I was 18 years of age and the iconic symbol shows up in our corporate material everywhere because anything to do with our universe has always fascinates me. The night sky delivers more than just a hint that we are, undeniably, part of something so grand.

For the record, “Mars in retrograde” – something that happens about every 26 months and lasts for a couple of months at a time – is when Mars appears to move backwards in the sky. Its retrograde motion tends to slow things down and since Mars is the planet of motivation, action and desire, when it goes into retrograde you might start feeling burnt out and less motivated than usual.

Hitting any chords yet?

Eagle Hill Consulting did a survey of 1001 U.S. workers early April then again mid August. The result? Six in 10 workers are feeling burnt out. They cite their lack of energy to changes in communication, productivity, expectations on deliverables, and work-life balance. We have been burning the candle at both ends with a huge shift in circumstances and uncertainty, and now we are spent.

How do we function when we are disrupted to the point of exhaustion? Where will clarity and energy come from?

Aha! ~ Work the wave.

Whether you follow astrology or refer to the Law of Rhythm – tide in, tide out – you know that you will never be “up” all the time. And success does not come via a steady forward thrust and for good reason.

There are stops and starts, twists and turns, gains and setbacks along the way and they all play a part. Going full throttle is balanced by a regrouping period where you take time to rest, take stock, get your perspective and get yourself back in order before you head off on your next surge.

Take advantage of this re-balancing period to do fewer things really well, to make calculated decisions, practice gratitude and listening to your heart. Communicate with clarity, appreciate people, take a few baby steps, and most importantly, be good to yourself. You’re so worth it.

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Succeed Deliberately!


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