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Let’s Go For “Easy”

Aha Moment Monday

Innovation or complication?

Just when you get the hang of an app, a store layout or an ordering process, it changes.
And as creatures of habit, we like it when we know our way around!

So, put yourself in your customers’ shoes.
What changes have you made that you swear are upgrades but may have left your customers scratching their heads?

Staying innovative is one way in which a company identifies itself.
And taking advantage of technology and trends is how we stay ahead of the curve, right?

Not so fast.

Change for internal purposes, or even to create a fresh look,  is surely innovation but if that fresh approach created barriers or even steep learning curves, was it worth it?
What inspires profitable change?

Aha – “Innovation always takes the customer’s point of view”  ~ Michael Gerber in the E-Myth

The 2.0 version is welcomed when it’s intuitive.
And change works intuitively better when change is quantified.

By quantifying and measuring customers’ responses you can move in the direction of making it easier for your customer to do business with you.
And we all like ‘easy’.

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