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Aha!  Moment Monday


From where are you drawing your power?

When asked, “What holds back most people in your industry from being successful?” one of my mentors, Linda, responded, “A paradigm shift.” Interesting response.

The answer to the missing success link that Linda observed having worked with thousands of people is that before they can apply their level of skill or desire or knowledge or affluence or take advantage of timing, they needed first to shift a paradigm and look at things differently.

We have been conditioned to believe that knowledge is power and to be successful you need to first have knowledge. That’s a fallacy Napoleon Hill dispels in Think and Grow Rich when he writes, “The accumulation of great fortunes calls for POWER, and power is acquired through highly organized and intelligently directed specialized knowledge, but that knowledge does not, necessarily, have to be in the possession of the man who accumulates the fortune.”

So, if you are clear on what the build looks like, you can create a systematic approach and that you can recognize talent to create a powerful team, where the does paradigm shift come in? Don’t you just go after what you want?

Aha! ~ True power comes from a place of seeing the build already in existence.

You will recognize Stephen Covey’s statement, “Start with the end in mind” but the true meaning goes deeper. It is more than seeing the vision in the future and having a critical path to get there. The power is in first owning that vision so that all your thoughts and actions come as though your ideal is already in physical form.

Neville Goddard writes in Awakened Imagination, “Man attracts what he is. The art of life is to sustain the feeling of the wish fulfilled and let things come to you, not to go after them or think they flee away.”

If you attract what you are then it makes sense as to why you write your goal statement in the present tense and that you take ownership of having already created it on the first level of existence. When your mind operates in the present separate from the goal projected somewhere in the future, you will always chase after that future. When you operate from the goal – from the desired state – you exercise a universal, creative, cooperative process.

How does it feel to be such a gifted sculptor in your art of life?

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