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Aha Moment Monday

What’s your legacy?

What is it that people say about you when you’re not in the room?

Now I’m not talking about the day-to-day comments like, “I’m really happy for her new promotion” or “He made a great point in our meeting today.”
I mean the bigger comments about your vibrant character and how you affect people.

Now if you look up the word legacy, you’ll probably get a definition that revolves around money or personal property left in a will.
Some people work their entire lives in order to leave financial security to their family, their church, a charity, their local hospital or special friends.

Do we evaluate a person’s contribution to humankind – their legacy – by the amount of earnings they leave behind?
What about their artistic legacy, legacy project or legacy of love and respect?

Aha – your legacy is all of what makes you memorable

When you leave the room people probably say how you always make them smile, that you have a good head on your shoulders, that you’re a giving and generous person or that you make a great dad.

The more you expand your unique talents and abilities, to bring joy to yourself and positively affect humankind, the more you’re living your legacy.

And the more meaning you give your life, the more life you’ll give to that meaning….for a long time to come.

Live large.

Dedicated to my friend, France Desjardins


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