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Look Up

Aha!  Moment Monday


Did that ping get you again?

You know, that notification on your phone that immediately stole your attention?

Maybe it was a “like” or comment on your post from a friend or fan.

Or maybe it was an update, new release, launch or announcement in your favourite circle and you saw it first.

Or maybe it was simply an email or text that you are wide open to receive anytime any day.

Social media has built-in AI to ensure that each user’s experience is unique, individual and very engaging. They know exactly what you are looking for and deliver it right on schedule. Add that to those you follow, things of interest and info you’re waiting on, and well, it’s like having a brand, new puppy; the energy and unconditional love is like wonderful shots of dopamine yet the constant need for attention can easily absorb precious time you need to create, relate, produce, focus, or just “be”.

It is easy to become entangled in convos, polls, opinions, reviews, promotions, surveys, debates, videos, podcasts, and just plain information sharing – they don’t call it the web for nothing – and our desire, and downright need, to feel connected and validated is stronger than ever. The constant distraction of trying to keep up and absorb it all, however, can be a losing battle.

What are you gaining – or losing – by the steady stream of pings, jolts, reviews, emojies, comments, shares, just-ins, and updates? Who is in charge?

Aha! ~ Technology is your servant, you are not its slave.

In an almost eight-year-old article entitled, “1.5 Years of Email Dopamine Addiction”, a few of the recommendations to help you get, and stay, in control are more relevant now than ever.

  • Share a separate email address to important contacts and have their messages go directly to that file
  • Turn off auto-notifications
  • Read books offline (or read real books)
  • Enjoy a first-thing-in-the-morning routine that does not involve technology
  • Schedule each day to prioritize tasks, time and people
  • Create self-honoring tech rules and stick to them

           …and I’ll add one of my own: look up. It’s amazing all of what you will experience when

           allow yourself to be entirely present in your surroundings.

Share your first choice with your other trailblazers and let’s decide to take A Human Approach.

Succeed Deliberately!


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