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With this growing blend of human intelligence and artificial intelligence in the workplace, I’m wondering if H.R. departments are going to change their name.  It’s become apparent that these complementary workforces need governance and support, but will they be combined?  Or will there be two departments, H.I. and A.I., the first of which would require that upon entering the cafeteria you’d have to press a security button that says, “I am not a robot”?
A.I. is artfully integrated into everything from manufacturing to service….and we’re just getting started. 
     * The auto-fill sentences on your text messages – A.I.
     * Google assistant, Alexa, Bixby, and Siri – A.I.
     * Auto-emails from your bank suggesting fraudulent activity on your account – A.I.
     * The “live chat” options on websites – A.I.  (I think this one is misleading unless you believe “live” and “real-time” are interchangeable). 
     * Smart cars, drones, social media ads – A.I. monitoring you, creating behavior algorithms, and anticipating your preferences and moves 
No longer do we keep phone numbers in our memory, afford ourselves a minute to recall a music artist from our teens, spell anything correctly on our own, or do simple math. Technology has made it so easy to access our database, find just about anyone, compose accurate communication pieces, and calculate countless solutions in seconds.  Cool – we’re super-efficient without having to think beyond which button to push.  But there’s a fine line between incorporating technology to serve us vs. surrendering to technology and allowing it to control us. 
Now, it’s in our D.N.A. to want to grow and expand, so developing A.I. to make us more efficient and productive and to make our lives easier is natural, but can replacing a caregiver or a pet with an emotionless (though perfectly-matched) bot be considered progress for the human race?

As we strive for perfection, might we actually be suffocating our human expression by allowing A.I. to breathe for us?
Aha! ~ “Do not let the roles you play in life make you forget that you are human.”  ~ Roy T. Bennett
Technology accelerates life and learning, affords us tools of efficiency, and connects us to people, information, and villages thousands of miles from our own.  But as humans, we can choose either to express ourselves through technology or lose ourselves to it.

What if we took “human breaks” to sometimes close the door to technology, to be our silly, imperfect, emotional, caring, inspiring, funny, frustrating, loving, and – get this one – thinking selves? What if we used our own divine receiving and transmitting abilities to connect with nature and allow ourselves to be plugged in – even guided – by a natural energy?  What if we more often fit in water waves vs. EMF waves, real hugs vs. “likes”, and ditched screen meetings in favor of experiential learning?  What power could we seize from the present moment?

 Taking A Human Approach begins when you remember who you are.

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