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Loyalty is not what you think

Aha Moment Monday

A friend of mine drives across town, three cities actually, including ours, for an appointment with her hairdresser.  The drive is about 60 km one-way and in traffic could take 1.5 hours but my friend claims it’s worth it.
Now there are 3897 hairdressers (I looked it up) between my friend’s home and her stylist.  Surely there must be a closer option but my friend is convinced her gal is the one.
What motivates her to drive that distance and commit to the time?

Now, the word “loyalty” is used to describe customers who keep coming back and I think it’s somewhat of an assumption.
There are tons of “loyalty programs” out there to keep people connected with a brand – like my grocery chain that rewards me with points for shopping at their locations – but how likely are you to jump ship if another brand comes along and offers a similar product with even better service, purchasing options or distribution model?

Are you truly loyal or simply a repeat customer?

Aha  ~   “Loyalty is a feeling.” Simon Sinek, author: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

True loyalty challenges you to travel farther, pay more and be slightly inconvenienced because you connect on an emotional level.

When you shift your thinking from viewing your customers as profit potential to viewing your customers as friends, you interact with more empathy.  You light up at their success and feel a sense of fulfillment by connecting your purpose with theirs.
Sinek says, “If we want to drive transactions, we make a pitch.  If we intend to build loyalty, we make a friend.”
The feeling of loyalty is born of trust.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”   ~ Theodore Roosevelt



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