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Aha!  Moment Monday


Do you have a wealth account that you just can’t seem to master?

Recognizing there are many wealth accounts – financial, spiritual, physical, family, time, health, etc. – rarely are they all in perfect balance, nor should they be, but often there is one where we just can’t seem to break that glass ceiling. Frustrating, eh?

Different wealth accounts will hold a different priority for different people at different times but let’s focus on the wealthy lifestyle you envision for yourself and pick one account that, for you, is in the red – it is lacking or needs some attention – then let’s take a quick look at how your environment fed (or sabotaged) its growth so far today. (It’ll be fun, I promise). 

Right now you are reading this Aha! on your screen – great fuel on all accounts – but let’s backtrack to when you first opened your eyes. What, or even who, did you see first? A spouse, kids, dog, your cell phone, the bathroom? Then did you read a book or newspaper, open a screen to watch something, check the news, exercise, go for coffee, feed the family, journal, dive into emails, drive someone somewhere … and, what attention did you deliberately give to your starving account?

We both know that more than 95% of everything we do is automatic so suffice to say you were on autopilot for a good chunk of your morning.  And it’s easy enough to blame the kids or the to-do list or the weather or the economy for stealing time or attention. What if I said your saboteur is lurking where you don’t readily see it? What if the fact that you are not 10 pounds lighter, $100,000 richer or still have an unfinished novel have nothing to do with what you are looking at but everything to do with what you are seeing? What if your unconscious, autopilot of choices – that feel routinely safe and harmless – are killing your chances to be your best self?

Aha! ~ It is what you don’t see in your environment that is shaping your world.

Here’s the thing: your subconscious mind is a constant and continuous, meticulous recorder. Unlike your conscious mind that looks selectively, your subconscious misses nothing. Every symbol, every colour, every word, every face, every logo, every imprint on every screen in every game, news brief, movie, sporting event – including every interaction with other humans both consciously and unconsciously – is having an impression on you. THIS is 100% shaping who you are.

And when that impression is repeated – especially in a way that is fun, from a trusted authority (that part is huge) or positively reinforced – it completely drives your behaviour. You think you are in control, but you are not. ALL of what you are consuming repetitively is in control.

Your saboteur, then, is not your lack of desire or discipline or intention – you’ve totally got this – but to be ever-overflowing in all accounts, you will need to change up who you are trusting to impress on that precious mind of yours. Mind over manner.

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