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Less is more.

Aha! Moment Monday

What’s your favourite kind of mail to receive?  I mean REAL mail – physical mail.

When you sift through the mail, what do you open first?   Do you tear into any bills, something that looks official or government related or do you go directly to the hand-written personalized pieces?  What about something colourful or dimensional – does that get your attention first?

Another question:  do you open the unaddressed ad mail or flyers with the same level of interest or curiosity that you give to what looks to be a party invitation or thank-you card?

Now there are plenty of statistics to show that our curiosity is piqued and our enthusiasm high when we spot something colourful, hand-addressed, and a little bulky.

The thing with physical mail vs. electronic mail is that there are incremental costs to tangible mail.  Not only the thought and time to compose the piece but there’s also the cost of stationery or printing, packaging, postage, possibly the gift inside, not to mention visiting the post office or letter box to deposit the mail.  While there may be costs to electronic mail in terms of the mechanism you use to compose and send the message in addition to a possible internet fee but suffice to say you can share infinitely more messages online at a fraction of the cost.

So we do.  We blast away.

We send everything and anything.  We eat – it goes on the wire.  We get on a plane – everyone knows.  Our dog eats a pillow – we share.  We slip – it’s posted.  It’s not a BAD thing – it’s fun to share all of what’s going on in our lives – but suffice to say we’re always talking …. all of us …. all at one time.

I’m curious – how would we filter messages to our business community if we transmitted as though each had an individual cost?  Might we be more selective?

Aha!  ~ “The less you talk, the more you’re listened to.”  ~ Pauline Phillips

When there is so much information available to potentially feed us, we look for ways to sort through it in an effort to find what’s meaningful, relevant and personalized, and if we can’t, we simply ignore it all.

You can create anticipation of your voice and your offer by delivering it less often and in a way that builds your relationships.  Be the gift that your followers can’t wait to open.


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