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Aha Moment Monday

A friend of mine, Elly, was telling me about a volleyball injury she had a few years ago.
She dislocated her shoulder and like a true athlete, played through the pain.

Elly did get her shoulder reset and it eventually healed, but her mobility was so restricted that she couldn’t open a door or even dress herself. While the body’s formation of scar tissue is an awesome demonstration of self-preservation, the resulting fibrous mass can set the stage for problems down the road….and for Elly, it did just that.

The massive build-up of scar tissue created a brand new combination of pain and limited movement.

The problem was obvious to a qualified physical therapist, who got involved and worked diligently over weeks to restore Elly’s capabilities.

When the scar tissue is physical, the diagnosis and treatment is easy.
Not so much for emotional scar tissue which is like invisible hurdles that can trip your growth.

Since we can’t see that build up of “emotional” scar tissue, we have no way of knowing just how much of a role it plays in keeping us from experiencing an abundant life.
In fact our awareness of our scar tissue is so often obscured, we’re not even cognizant of its presence, never mind that it might be holding us back.

Aha – awareness is the key to the kingdom.

Bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be – whether it be in relationships, finances, fitness, career, growth – starts with the awareness of scar tissue.

Now let’s be clear. We’re not talking about surface scars. Those scars are symbolic! They represent a unique challenge and how you overcame it. They’re the basis of great conversations!
Deep scar tissue is different.
The build-up likely began in your toddler years and may be the invisible reigns restricting you from complete fulfillment.

Scar tissue simply feels like you’re getting in your own way.
Whether it’s physical or emotional, It needs to be identified, massaged and exercised out.

Awareness + massage = freedom
In my books, any equation with a massage in it has got to be good!!



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