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Monday, Monday … So Good to Me

Aha!  Moment Monday

For years Monday had a bad rap.

It is the day immediately following a typical weekend off for nine-to-fivers. Monday signals that it is time to ramp back up for a five-day grind and never carried the same ring as Friday.

However, routine for many has gone out the window, the grind looks different than ever before, many whose lives have been changed would give anything to get back on the treadmill and Monday is a little lonely these days.

If it is true that attitude and action stem from goals and desire, what is on tap for you today? How can you harness the energy of this clean slate and impact your vision for tomorrow?

Aha! ~ Today is a really good day for a good day

Life is complicated enough without trying to figure out or project the outcome of that which you cannot control.

What if you took this entire day and focused all your energy, belief and trust in advancing yourself, feeding yourself, lifting yourself … and imagine for a minute if we all did the same.

“Always be true to yourself; you matter the most.” ― Debasish Mridha


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