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The motivation behind priorities.

Aha Moment Monday.

What’s priority today?
I know … you’re probably taking a big sigh thinking, “What’s not??”
There’s always so much to do.

Seriously, is priority that you get that shareholders’ report in on time, that payroll is complete, you book your flights or close that sale to make the month?
Or is priority that you get some exercise and sunshine, visit a friend in the hospital, attend your child’s recital or that you register for a course you’ve been promising yourself to take?

Priorities will differ greatly from one individual to another and many factors can come into play when making those decisions.
Is your priority your health? Your family? Your income? Your team? Likely all of the above but in different ranking on any given day, right?

Oftentimes our decisions will be made by the clock – demands and deadlines go hand-in-hand.
But it’s those decisions and actions that distract us from our purpose – consume our attention and leave us feeling unfulfilled – that we need to take note of.

Aha – “Never let the urgent crowd out the important.” ~ Kelly Caitlin Walker

The real truth is that priorities are established based on our goals and desires.

Different generations will have different goals in general.
Boomers priorities and commitments are to their job where Millennials’ priorities and commitments are to their friends.
Neither is right nor wrong, they’re just different, and the goals behind what motivate those priorities will leave some applauding and others shaking their head.

It’s doesn’t matter. What does matter is that you’re clear on your goals, your desires, and what constitutes your work.

You know you’ve had a good day when you can put your head on your pillow that night knowing that you followed your heart and did your work – not someone else’s work or what someone else expected, or demanded, as your work – but YOUR work.

Pick three things today that are priority to you … then do them …. FIRST.

Succeed deliberately!

Jae M. Rang, MAS

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