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Move Differently

I have recently become a coin nerd.

It wasn’t my intention.  I’m not much of a collector of anything other than ball markers from iconic golf courses I have played and books autographed by authors, but I’ve recently begun to stack new drops of low mintage coins, each with an exceptional design and amazing story behind them.

It started with one a month, back in the fall, after my instincts screamed at me to look into silver.  I knew I needed to shift where I investing, and once I held my babies in my hand, marvelled at the complexity of the artwork, quality of the casting, and legend that brought them to life…well, I don’t mind saying that I got a bit of a buzz! 

I get some strange looks and comments, not to mention some avoidance. Not everyone gets it.  That’s okay.  I know what I am holding.

How often have we been focused on something or someone and ignored others? 

How often have we measured ourselves against those who don’t yet see our value?

Aha!~When you know your worth, you move differently.

It reminds me of the 1921 poem by Myra ‘Brooks’ Welch, “The Touch of a Master’s Hand”. Have you read it?

It’s a poem about an old violin that goes up for auction and nobody bids on it. By appearance, it seemed scarcely worth the auctioneer’s time, and its appeal was not obvious.  Only when someone from the audience picked it up and began to play it did others become aware of its magnificence and wanted it for their own.

Awareness is like flipping a light switch.  In a flash, perception changes, and appreciation comes rushing in.  Sometimes we flick that switch ourselves, motivated by goals or intentions, and sometimes another switches it for us.  Either way, once the lever is flipped, discernment carries you where you want to go.

Be forever curious about what you might love to do next and who will run with you. 

“Know your worth.  Never settle for less than you deserve.”  ~ Anonymous

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