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Never Again Lost in Space

What prompts you to de-clutter?  A move?  A change in seasons? A shift in lifestyle?

I love Christmastime and decorate lavishly indoors (can you tell I’m already looking forward to it?). It’s festive and colourful…but it’s all cleared up before the New Year.  It tends to look a little bare when the ribbons and wreaths are packed away, but there’s something about a clear “space” that I love.

Do you have closets that are bursting, drawers that you don’t even know what’s in them, or boxes that have been moved off to the side for so long you don’t even see them anymore?  We live such abundant lifestyles that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with “stuff” – in my neighbourhood, storage units are springing up everywhere to accommodate – but the time it takes to sort through stuff often gives way to more important (or fun) tasks.

Are you able to work effectively in a cluttered environment?  Mmminimal shares, “An organized workplace is just not about aesthetics but can have positive impacts on your mental health.” Let’s face it: both your productivity and confidence increase when you can quickly find things and isn’t it easier to focus on a single task when you don’t have piles of others lingering in your peripheral?  Somehow that’s not always incentive enough and de-cluttering still gets pushed down the priority list.

I’m wondering if it’s because the Law of Vacuum states that all material forces of the universe abhor the vacuum and rush to fill each hole, space, crack, or moment. So, if the space is going to be filled again anyway, is it worth the effort to clear it in the first place?

Aha! ~ Space makes room for possibilities

Clutter is more than just visual noise and can block what could be. Ever notice that as soon as you clear off a space on the kitchen counter, someone will plunk something there?  Nature will always attract a filler. 

Clutter of all kinds takes up space in the world of “possibility”. Your job is to reduce inappropriate or unnecessary fillers to open yourself up to what could be.  That means clearing away the “noise”, then making deliberate choices as to what fills those spaces.

Consider the space on your desk, on your wall, in your tummy, on your calendar, and, most importantly, in your mind, as sacred.  Become a warden and protect those spaces by choosing how they are filled.

“Space in an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big”  ~ Peter Diamandis

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