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Aha! Moment Monday

Who endorses your next-level behaviours?

You see we tend to go to people we like and trust for opinions, feedback and input on anything and everything from our goals, initiatives, decisions, purchases, investments and even behaviours.  Should I take that vacation?  What do you think of this business opportunity?  How much do I need for retirement?  Is this weight-loss program for me?  We can always count on our friends, neighbours, colleagues and family for opinions.

People who like and trust us back will give us their best insights … and it goes without saying that because they know us well, they respond to our seeking of advice with what they believe is having our best interests at heart.  But does that alone qualify them to give us the advice we actually need?

We want real estate advice so we ask our neighbour.  We want financial advice so we ask our brother-in-law.  We want relationship advice so we ask our best friend.  Is that the collective wisdom of individual ignorance?  Now, when I say “ignorance” I’m not implying rude, ill-mannered or inconsiderate behaviour, simply pointing to their level of awareness.

As wonderfully compassionate as is our network – and how wiling they are to offer opinions – are they competent in the area in which we want to grow? Are they truly equipped to arm us with tools and information that enable our success?

Aha! ~ Only good advice is transformative.

There’s a difference between seeking an opinion and seeking advice.  Most people are willing to offer an opinion … but advice – and even better, mentorship – is best coming from someone who has exactly what you want.

Once you identify that person, here is how Nick Reese suggests you ask for quality support, first thanking them in advance.

CONTEXT – identify specific information the reader/listener needs in order to answer your question
GOAL – clearly articulate your desired outcome
STRUGGLE – outline what specifically is stopping you from achieving that outcome
Our families and friends care for us with all their hearts – and we trust them – but when it comes to explosive success, choose to be mentored by those who live there.


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