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No Sense Kicking Yourself

Aha! Moment Monday

A friend shared with me the other day about an opportunity she had to purchase a condominium apartment pre-construction but passed on it.  That investment of a couple hundred thousand dollars would have tripled within a year of the building being complete, so she learned.  She just shook her head in disbelief that she didn’t jump at the chance to make the investment.

I remember being at a speaking event and being just outside the green room when one of the stars of the event arrived.  He was getting organized, checking the room set up and equipment, etc., talking to the stage hands; he and I shared a few words.  Many people were mulling about, caught up in their conversations and finding their places, recognized this individual but paid him no attention.  After the event people were lined up 100 deep to catch a picture or autograph.  It was only afterwards that they realized the value he would bring to the table and many wished they had had the awareness of his inspirational capabilities before he took to the stage.

I witnessed an exceptional individual whose contract came to completion who then proposed additional services to the employer.  He liked and understood the environment and wanted to stay and offer more.  The employer didn’t have the awareness of the individual’s abilities and chose to release him.  You guessed it: he is now working elsewhere for an agency that recognized his talent and chose to create a position for him.

Have you passed up opportunities like these only to kick yourself afterwards?

Of course the common thread is “awareness” (or lack thereof).

How can we empower ourselves with heightened awareness to make better choices without resentment?

Aha! ~ “To grow yourself, you must know yourself” ~ John C. Maxwell

You see The Law of Awareness isn’t about fact-gathering or anything outside yourself and it’s most certainly not about second-guessing, resentment or feeling victimized.  It’s about, “Being without being affected by your environment or emotions.”

Will Berlinghoff interprets the law like this, “To simply observe and experience without creating attachments. To acknowledge what is occurring and still maintain your unshakeable centeredness. To be aware of those things which exist — without denial.”

Maxwell adds, “… in order to achieve growth, leaders must hone in on who they are and what they desire to do.” It’s easy to …”maintain your unshakeable centeredness” when you’re crystal clear of your value and where you’re going.  In fact, if you didn’t have the awareness to respond when an opportunity first presented itself, it is of no value to debatably react afterwards.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.

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