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Aha!  Moment Monday

The benefit about investing considerable time in one career or industry is that after a while, nothing shocks you. Give it twenty-plus years and you will have experienced many people, markets, products and circumstances. During that time, you will have grown so much with each passing year that incremental change no longer fazes you.

The disadvantage of being in one industry for a considerable time frame is that you’ve come to see your industry in a certain way – as an insider – and the need to change or means to change becomes less obvious over time.

Because you’ve seen it all, done it all, experienced it all, it’s natural to think you know it all. And likely you do….until you don’t… at which point you get stuck.

When the world takes a quantum leap in a brand new direction, many business leaders find themselves out of their own league. Not in terms of knowledge or experience but in terms of being able to see new ideas and a new direction with brand new glasses. They want more than anything to think out of the box – in fact to GET OUT of the box – but realize the instructions to do so are on the outside.

But even when the instructions are read, some still stay stuck. The paradigm of how things should work is so engrained that they become un-coachable. Many ask for advice and claim to be open, but their filter creates more walls than bridges which means some of the very best approaches are unconsciously ignored.

Aha! ~ “You must always be the apprentice, even when you become the master.”  Christopher Cumby

You see, being coachable means agreeing to follow the guidance of another without questioning it, without first needing to understand it, and without the need to analyze it.  It requires a degree of humility and to put full faith in the person teaching you to show you a new way of doing something and most importantly being open to learning it exactly what way.

Only when the student is truly ready does the teacher appear.

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