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Nobody Cares What You Do Unless They Know Who You Are

Aha! Moment Monday

Did you ever notice how we humanize everything?

Take your experiences with your cell phone provider, the caterer, the drug store down the street, and the restaurant you visited twice on vacation.  You likely referred to them, not as entities, but as “they” and the dictionary would describe “they” as “…used to refer to people…”

“They suck”, “They’re awesome”, “They let me down”, “They have the best lasagna!”

(You’re probably saying to yourself, “OMG that’s right – I never realized that!”)

Think about it.  You told all of your friends about the Italian restaurant you went to – twice while on vacation –  posted pictures on social media that featured the amazing food, your favourite friends AND your awesome server, then you jumped on line to give them rave reviews.

It was lasagna.  What’s the big deal about lasagna?  What did “they” know to do to make you such a brand ambassador?

Aha! ~ “You’re not here to sell products, you’re here to delight people” ~ Ken Schmidt

The food was good but it was how the restaurant made you feel that is the secret sauce.

Let’s face it, all businesses are good at what they do or they wouldn’t be in business.  When everyone is saying the same thing about their business, then it’s just noise – we can’t tell them apart – and price becomes the deciding factor. (Do you even remember the cost of the lasagna?)

Ken says, “If no one is talking about you then you’re just meeting expectations” and while meeting expectations might sound like mission-one, it’s not; the “delight” factor is.  We’re people first.

To be a brand that everyone is talking about – using exactly the language you want them to – is in realizing that recommendations and opinions about you as a provider are based on one person in your company and how that person makes them feel.  (I recently put a hold on all orders to one of our premier manufacturers because of a very antagonistic accounts receivable clerk.)

Most of us feel invisible most of the time – which is why the social media outlet is flooded with “me” stories – so we look to providers to make us feel special, important and valued.  When you truly delight people you create loyalty because, according to Ken, “We always return to what delights us.”

Nobody believes you when you’re talking about your business.  When you reveal who you are, you can make an emotional connection that will have your guests singing in the streets…as will be you.

Oh the weather outside is frightful, the buyer so delightful, we’ve got somewhere new to sow, let us grow, let us grow, let us grow!

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