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Aha!  Moment Monday


Could you use a breakthrough?

Are you looking to create a breakthrough?

Breakthroughs are different than achievements. Achievements happen when you have a goal, a desire and a plan. You plan your work then you work your plan. Simple to understand and execute.

But breakthroughs are different. Breakthroughs happen as a result of an awakening that creates a shift or pivot that result in a quantum leap.

Most everyone would love a breakthrough but in order to bring about a breakthrough, you need to trust the unknown. Trusting the unknown is scary territory and “if you can predict it then you are living in the past” says Joanette Weisse, M.D. and author of Giggles in My Heart and the entire collection of children’s books that inspire emotional maturity. If you do what you know you will get more of what you already have.

Breakthroughs happen when you have no freaking idea how you are going to accomplish your vision, THEN, “…when you are open the unknown, and let the unknown come to you, the magic begins to happen.”

Aha! ~ Trust your intuition.

Cathy Chmilnitzky, Energy Intuit and Connector says, “Our mind’s ego is where we hold our fears and limitations…” and in order to override those self-doubts “…it is important that you build trust and have faith in your intuitive guidance.” And it is that trust and faith, like “magic”, draws to you the people and circumstances that turn darkness into light.

Cathy reminds us that the Aha!, OMG! and Eureka! moments all show up as our intuitive self seeking expression. Rather than dismissing those hints that seemingly come out of nowhere, know that they are universal intelligence speaking through you. When you accept that we are all part of the unified field – of one source, of one mind – you need only to learn to quiet the mind’s ego, that gnaws at the spirit claiming the unknown is scary, then make a habit of acting on those intuitive flickers.

“Hello, Source? Yes, I’d like to order ….. “

Tuesday at noon in our Trailblazer group I’ll share how my ego can make me physically ill (little bugger!) Never a better time to take A Human Approach 

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