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Aha Moment Monday

Did you ever notice that the people who have neat files in their offices also have trunk organizers in their cars and glasses in their kitchen cupboards lined up like little soldiers?

And do you know executives who hold their colleagues, customers and competitors equally in high regard?

What about those who are on time – or late.  The early birds show up within a time that allows them to easily meet their commitment and the tardy souls fly in frantically at the last minute … every single time.

I played golf with someone for the first time the other day
I couldn’t help but notice how very supportive and complimentary he was to each individual in our group but put an enormous amount of pressure on himself.
Knowing that he is a business owner, it made me wonder if he drives himself hard to support his customers and team.

The common thread?  We can’t hide who we are.

Aha – How you do one thing is how you do everything.

We all have a range of strengths on which to draw to handle any circumstance but it’s a combination of our values and choices that drive how we handle those circumstances.

People who are leaders in the work place are often the first to help out in an emergency or step up to drive a charity initiative.
People who have respect for the planet recycle regardless of where they are and are consistent with their compassion for all living things.
People who value time will mind theirs as they do others and rarely take either for granted

You are always offering subtle hints as to who you are; sometimes in your words, always in your actions.
It’s when the two align that you are in integrity and your true awesomeness shines through.

Being true to yourself never felt so good, eh?

Succeed deliberately!

Jae M. Rang, MAS

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