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Ooh, the Beach!

How do you manage change?

Do you declutter or systematize? Do you upgrade technology or commit to simplifying things? Do you dive into learning mode or work in shorter intervals? Do you prepare more diligently or resolve to respond to what comes?

As I started to write about today’s uncertainties and the requirement of being resilient and adaptable, this note came in from the ladies who run Blu Room. ”We tend to live (unknowingly at times) with an overstimulated nervous system, and, over an extended period, this becomes the adapted “normal”.  In this state, we cannot function with ease.  We experience thoughts that become overwhelming and unclear, foggy brain, sleepless nights, heightened emotions, headaches, and exhaustion…and more chronic conditions may follow.  Decisions made in this state of mind can often be unfavorable in the long run.”

Aha! ~ Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

Change is coming fast and furiously, which means you are being summoned to rise in the self-care department like never before. Being overwhelmed and being exhausted are far too easy traps to fall into, yet are not favorable options for living the good life.

Whether it is walking in the woods, a comedy night with friends, the beach – oooohh, the beach – or reading inspiring poetry, deep breeeaaaathing, piano lessons, jumping in puddles, playing on monkey bars, mindful meditation, a consult with a naturopath, forgiveness, a new gratitude journal, or simply drinking alkaline water with organic lemons, do it more often. 

Listen to your body and never be afraid to feel.

“Give peace a chance” ~ John Lennon.

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