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Order up your priorities.

Aha Moment Monday

I was at a conference last week with a magnificent collection of Canadian women presidents.

It was apparent why these women – and others like them – are driving the economy.

They’re passionate, collaborative, insightful, talented and just really nice people.


What’s fascinating is to listen to how they juggle priorities.


In fact, one of our speakers – an accomplished journalist, now consultant – shared her changing priorities as her family and career grew.


She started one sentence by saying, “When you order your priorities ….”  I immediately drifted off for a second, retreating into my thoughts.


I believe the context of her comment was putting priorities in some kind of order but I heard, “order priorities”, like you would order breakfast in a drive-thru

The statement sounded so empowering eluding to how we can own our schedule.

All too often our best intentions are side-tracked by external forces and we release control.

How do we know when we have effectively ordered priorities?


Aha –  “Action expresses priorities.”        ~ Mahatma Gandhi
The sure-fire way to tell where priorities are is in behaviour.

(I think it’s section 4, subsection B-1 of the unwritten Human Code of Conduct, under, “Actions speak louder than words”)


According to Gandhi, that which we do reflects what is truly our priority.


Whether it’s your signature priority like family, integrity, reverse climate change OR a more immediate priority like getting the thank-you cards out the door, dropping 10 pounds, achieving a sales quota, your aligned actions will signal which priority is owned.


Remember when you “order”, you’re giving a command with intent and desire.

You wouldn’t approach the drive-thru window asking, “May I have something to eat, please?” You’d be more specific and expect what’s in the package to match the order.


Ask yourself, “May I take your order?”, then put yourself in drive!



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