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Overcoming Survival Fatigue

What does your browser home screen look like when you fire it up?  Is it a picture or setting or website that pops up?

Mine is a news feed.  And if you know me, you’ll know I don’t read, watch or follow – to any degree – a single mainstream news channel.  So an MSM landing page is not only out of alignment, I believe seeing it several times a day is exhausting me.

And exhaustion often has everything to do with stress.

You probably already know this, but the program (conditioning) that is running in your background – the 96% autopilot you function on – plays regardless of how conscious you are.  You think you’re making conscious decisions, but it’s the programming that is driving the vast majority of those thoughts and actions. 

And according to Dr. Bruce Lipton, there is a “biological imperative” – a drive to survive, if you will – in absolutely every living organism.  (Even bacteria have the drive to survive.) Our survival mechanism is two-fold: survival as an individual (food, water, shelter) and survival of the species (drive to reproduce).  When that survival is threatened, our body shifts from a growth state to a stressed fight-or-flight state.

The question is, how often on any given day do you perceive a threat to your survival?  If you are programmed to count on media and authorities for information – institutions that use fear-based tactics to get your attention – are you both unconsciously and continuously in a state of survival and subsequently stress?

Aha! ~ Overcome exhaustion by disconnecting from fear

Here is how the stress mechanism works as detailed by Dr. Lipton: the hypothalamus in the brain interprets the perceived danger signals, sends a note to the pituitary gland to signal the adrenal gland, then the thinking/growth part of the brain and the gut squeeze shut blood vessels, rerouting life’s energy to the limbs and base of our brain to run or fight!  And it all happens super fast.

When any of your trusted authorities – media, church, bank, government, school – use fear-based programming to motivate or educate you, exhaustion sets in from feeling like you’re in a constant state of stress.  That’s not normal or healthy.

The answer?  Go inside before you go outside. As individuals, we are distinct but not disjointed.  We are unique yet connected by a unified field of energy. When you are in harmony with your true self and nature, you can recognize – and dismiss – fear-based tactics and focus on growth. 

Begin your fear disconnect by switching off the news.

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