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Party of a Lifetime

Aha! Moment Monday

Have you ever run into a person that you immediately get a sense of calm from?

They’re not someone you might pick out of a crowd visually but when you meet or invest time with them, you find that they have this sense of knowing that is somewhat anchoring.

And I’m not suggesting that these individuals are necessarily quiet or Zen – some are quite zesty and outgoing – but they’ll toss over these one-liners that give you a glimpse into their prophetic nature. They have this “knowing” that is almost mystical. The most profound ones are the children who are more adult than their parents.

Some refer to them as “old souls” because they act like they’ve been around the spiritual block a few times. They’re not as quick to get frustrated with life, they’re more accepting and tend to focus on the lessons vs. retribution. They don’t waste much airtime on complaining; in fact, they’re often able to dust themselves off and refocus quite quickly. They’re resourceful, insightful and good partners.

But isn’t it natural for human beings to want to enjoy more of the good life and put up a fight against that which stands in our way? Shouldn’t there be somebody to blame when life lets us down? Who wants a life of misery and challenge?

Aha! ~ the soul loves the entire experience

Here’s the thing: it’s the ego – which is necessary as part of our human existence but what we need to control as our driver – that judges, labels and strives for the party of a lifetime. But the soul signed up for the entire experience and wants it all. It doesn’t distinguish good from bad – judgment is manmade – it wants the whole enchilada.

Old souls are wise because they have chosen and lived it all.

The paradigm shift here is this: what appears to be happening to you is actually happening for you as part of your experience of this lifetime….and it’s all good.

“Party on Garth. Party on Wayne!”

Friends, we are experiencing a shift that happens about every 6000 years. Much of what we have lived as our truth will begin to change. It is amazing that we chose to be on the planet precisely as this time and why we say, “There has never been a better time to take #AHumanApproach.” Please encourage your friends to subscribe to our email so we can all stay connected and PLEASE join our membership and let’s move through this together, in our collective brilliance. Yours in service.

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