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Passion Alone Won’t Cut It

Aha!  Moment Monday

Does “passion” have an effect on income?

In a post by Chitra Reddy on why passion at work is so important, Chitra cites these benefits.

  1. you motivate others as passion triggers passion
  2. your absenteeism is lower because you love your work
  3. you reveal your creative side
  4. you’re more loyal to your employer
  5. the overall work environment is better

I think when you’re passionate about what you do you’re more focused, happy and the time flies by.  But there are thousands of artists, musicians, analysts, coaches and creators of all kinds who are passionate and not earning a deserved living, right?

Of course “knowledge” will affect our income potential, but to what degree?

For years we’ve been told that “knowledge is power”.  There are thousands of college and university grads with years of scholastic investment who are working entry-paying jobs unrelated to their field of interest.  They’re bursting with know-how and no place to apply it.

It’s no secret that “experience” is the best teacher.  Most employers love to hire those with relevant experience however there is an entire demographic of seasoned professionals with degrees, years of quality service under their belts and passion for what they do who are undesirable as an employable workforce because they’re considered past their prime.

Where’s the sweet spot?  What’s the missing ingredient that will have you profitably sailing through any economic climate?

Did you ever hear the story about the homeowner who questioned the plumber’s bill?

In a nutshell, the plumber identified the source of a leak then in a moment and with a two-bit part fixed it.  He then presented the customer with an invoice for $115.00.   The customer gasped asking why it was so high and the plumber responded, “It is $5.00 for the part and $110 for knowing what to do with it.”

Aha! ~ You need to be needed

Passion, knowledge and experience are an unbeatable combination but when it comes to winning big, “need” trumps.

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” ~ Simon Sinek, Author of Start With Why.

When you ask the question, “Why?” – Why am I investing in this? Why is our company doing this? Why is our customer buying from us? – it sparks a new level of curiosity that meaningfully identifies, and ties together, all the elements into a winning raison d’etre.

“I am the rain.  I go where I’m needed.”  ~ Alejandro Jodorowsky



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