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Password Protected

Aha! Moment Monday

How many passwords do you have?

Do you have specific passwords for highly protected accounts like banking or government then reusable passwords for online shopping or lower-risk accounts?

We were all definitely sent more online this past while and even the smallest of subscriptions require that you have a unique access code.

Many people use pieces of their lives like numbers from their street address or telephone coupled with trigger words or phrases.  Of course, you can always auto-generate codes that are brilliantly random but since they’re rarely relevant to you, it means you have to save them in an easy access point because they’re not that easy to remember.

The password is the command to open a door to a new experience.  No password, no movement.  You’re locked out.

So, do you have a password or command that you give yourself when you need to open a door to creativity, prosperity, or expansion, an inspirational trigger word or phrase that immediately gets you in action? 

Aha! ~ Find what moves you!

Everything goes in cycles.  You’re not going to feel up all the time, positive all the time or inspired all the time – that’s natural and normal – but when you’re at a bit of a stand-still, a little demotivated, or your thoughts have drifted too far off centre, it’s handy to know a password you can use to get yourself back on track.

One of my words is, “Next”!  When non-productive or self-sabotaging thoughts pop in, the second I realize they’re there, I say to myself, “Next!” and clear my mind for the good stuff.   

And this is a fun one to admit: when I’m about to take a golf swing and my mind is swirling with way too much last-minute instruction, I say, “Quiet, please” just like the signs do at pro matches and I’m back in the present moment.

What about “I AM” statements, like “I AM in control”, “I AM love”, “I AM connected”, “I AM the creator of my own destiny”, “I AM … and it is so”; do you have any of those in your back pocket ready to fire when you need them?

Hitting a wall can be a great motivator, but there is nothing that drives e-motion – energy in motion – like passion and desire because they are intrinsic.  Become password protected and forever keep your momentum strong.

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Your next Aha! just might be your new favourite! Your community awaits.

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