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Aha! Moment Monday

Ahhh – the optimism and hope of a new year!

The time in the calendar when we take stock of our accomplishments and pack up any sorrows to boldly go where no one has gone before.


So, what does this fresh start look like for you?


Before you answer that, allow me to share a couple of factoids from StatisticBrain.com.

Only 9.2% of Americans said they felt they were successful in achieving their new year’s resolutions yet 42.4% say they NEVER succeed and fail on their resolutions each year.

Holy smokes!


Now about half of us admit that we make a resolution for when midnight strikes.  Some choose to change a perspective or attitude, some choose a goal around improving their health, spending more time with loved ones, exercising more often, learning something new or acquiring a better financial status or even finding a soul mate.  But of course the #1 January 1st goal is to lose weight.  It does make me wonder why we choose January 1st as opposed to our birthday or the first day of winter or even Easter Sunday, but we do.  As dawn breaks on the first, about half of us will disrupt our comfy patterns with a program that, within the first week, will prove to be more than we can handle.  The determined warrior in us gets knocked down by old paradigms and, well, life gets in the way.


How can we make this year the year that we attain the success we so deserve?

What one small change can make that big difference?


Aha! ~  pick one thing … then another … then another


“When you impose too many changes on yourself at one time you set yourself up for failure…” advises William Mahood, Founder VRSN and Nutrition Coach “… instead, change one thing that you can absolutely positively commit to, and only once you’ve adopted that change do you choose another.”


Overwhelming yourself with multiple goals in multiple categories at one time dilutes your focus and is simply being unfair to yourself.

Instead, try this.

1)      Write down, in the most descriptive, specific terms, exactly how you’d like 2018 to look and feel.

2)      Circle some behaviours that need modifying in order for you to achieve your vision

3)      Identify WHY those changes are important to you (this one is BIG)

4)      Rank the individual changes with the most important one at the top

5)      Then start with #1


It’s easier to commit to a plan for one thing … AND … a strong enough ‘WHY’ will carry you through the times when you’re on the verge of abandoning that plan.


Oh, and on the “lose weight” thing … remember that when you lose something, you usually go looking for it, right?  We don’t like losing things.  Instead, reframe that process to “releasing” those unwanted pounds, never to return.



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