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Aha!  Moment Monday

Have you ever known someone with “overnight success”?  The person who simply stepped into the spotlight with everything going their way?

Man, were they lucky.  They had the idea, the talent, the mechanism, the money, the family support …. talk about easy.

Ya, right.

Now, I won’t for a minute suggest that some people may not have an advantage of description – natural ability, location, connections, education  – but I’m reminded of a story about twin boys who were raised by a father who was an alcoholic.  As adults, one twin became an educated, successful businessman with a great attitude, work ethic and was dedicated to his wife and kids. The second twin had a tough time finding his way and, more often than not, lived off the system, alcohol being his best friend.  When asked individually, why they thought their lives turned out as they did, both twins answered the same: “What did you expect?  I was raised by an alcoholic.”

We can’t be convinced that “luck” comes as a result of ideal conditions being handed over, but we often miss our chance to be “lucky” because, “We overestimate the event and underestimate the process.”  As John C. Maxwell advises.

Think about the Olympic diver that is awarded a medal based on 2.6 seconds in the air, the pilot who safely lands a 747 in 60 mph winds, the riveting presenter that had you walking six feet off the ground after a one-hour session, the coach that knew exactly what questions to ask to break your barrier, the portfolio manager that consistently achieves growth returns … luck?  Maxwell continues, “Every fulfilled dream occurred because of dedication to the process.”

Aha! ~ History is not a program that devotion can’t override.

You would not have the idea or dream or destination if you did not have some level of ability to do it.  The only shortcuts are in learning from others who have gone before you.

The fact that you can imagine your ideal gives credence, all you need to do is commit to the process and whatever it requires of you knowing full well that true success is the growth you experience and who you become along the way.

The greatest oak was a little nut that held its ground 😊


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