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Aha!  Moment Monday


Do you have good circulation?

As an adult I always had cold hands and feet. People used to say, “Cold hands, warm heart” as a considerate retalliation to their unplanned jolt after shaking my hand. I warm up a little in the summer months but during the winter, it seems my circulation needs a little more effort.

Speaking of effort, the last number of months have felt like winter 2.0, not the weather – it’s been traditionally cold and snowy – but the level of circulation of people, ideas, and money. In our part of the world kids have barely been in school, shops and restaurants have barely been open and all events, public buildings and in person meetings, conferences, supports groups or gatherings of any kind have been remote or cancelled. Needless to say that has put a huge strain on our ability to exchange and find a healthy level of circulation.

But my Pachira – nicknamed “money tree” – has never been healthier.

I’m sharing a picture because, you see, this tree has been the problem child since I bought it just after the last recession. I have moved it around my home several times trying to find the perfect light or companionship (some plants do well talking to other plants) and no matter what, 10-50% of the leaves had some brown on them.

Last September I emptied much from my office, substantially changed the configuration to allow significantly greater circulation of energy including a “possibilities wall” (blank wall where I post reems of paper and create), started recording Facebook LIVEs to encourage the exchange of purposeful conversations, built a course to share how cozy and yummy marketing to humans can be, mailed Christmas chocolate bars around the world, and recognize, I have attracted a most talented and enthusiastic team, and beyond – BEYOND – phenomenal clients and supporters. My tree is testament to the healthy circulation.

Aha! ~ When we are in harmony, we thrive.

“The way to alchemically transform your life is to clear out whatever is blocking Universal energy. When you do this, energy will pour into your body, mind, and soul. Your alignment with Universal energy will bring you all of the health, relationships, and happiness you desire” writes Rachel Zink in the Law of Solutions.

I love the words – any words – of Jason Christoff who demands we be insistent of living in truth and harmony when he asks, “How can you live your life divorced from your true self and ignore the daily whispers from your soul, which try to guide you back to source?”

Turn off the noise to allow your instincts and your soul to listen to the whispers. Then decide, regardless of what the world looks like, to live large and take as many people with you.

See you tomorrow at noon eastern in our Facebook Aha! Moment Trailblazers group to identify those blocks.

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