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Playing It Safe With Germs

Aha! Moment Monday

I think it’s a case of mistaken identity.

I’m talking about germs.


We think we’re protecting ourselves from the little buggers with hand sanitizers and avoiding contact when in fact, we might be doing more harm than good.


You see every surface in the world is covered in bacteria….and humans need bacteria to live.


In a post about germ obsession by Erin Brodwin, she writes, “Like the surfaces people touch and the ground they walk on, the human body is already teeming with thousands of different species of bacteria, from the Lactobacillus acidophilus lining digestive tracts to the Propionibacterium acnes populating the skin on faces and arms. On average, about three pounds of our body weight is accounted for by bacteria alone.”


Brodwin cites that of the 600 species of microbes found by a team of geneticists on a NYC subway train, most were harmless.

Further, according to the “Hygene hypothesis”, increased exposure to particular viruses, parasites or bacteria at an early age actually helps the immune system to develop!


I can hear them now.  The germaphobics in the crowd questioning, “So when we shield ourselves from risk, we’re actually suppressing our ability to better handle things in the future??”


Aha!  ~ no risk – no reward


The way in which you adopt a healthy immune system, as well as healthy stay of confidence, resilience, tenacity and ultimately growth, is by exposing yourself to the elements.


Steering clear of playgrounds of all sorts is like never risking change, criticism, travel, technology, or people who think differently.  It may sound safe to do so, but “safe” doesn’t advance you.  Daring to try something new, which  may sometimes result in a short-fall relative to expectations, builds strength and knowing.  It’s the repeated exposure to risk that enhances your immunity to self-doubt and complacency and better equips you to expand yourself to increasing new levels.


The Merriam School of Music, regarded as one of the most innovative, comprehensive and recognized schools in North America, includes in their practice that students perform at every age and skill level.  Why?  To not only take pride in their accomplishments and hard work but to get comfortable with putting themselves out there.


I dedicate this Aha! to Summer and ALL students performing in their first Christmas concert.



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