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Press the Reset Button

Aha!  Moment Monday

There are a lot of words being used to describe the state we’re in collectively. Words like scary, devastating, uncertain, awful, heartbreaking, and challenging.

There are also a lot of words we’re using to describe how we’re feeling about it on an individual basis. Words like stressed, exhausted, overwhelmed, frightened, confused and even depressed.

While the words themselves create the perception of how we see what’s going on, remember that our bodies are the instrument of our mind and when our mind perceives danger our bodies act out that signal. It’s okay to feel stressed, or scared or overwhelmed – it’s normal, we’re supposed to feel that – and trying to force your system into “calm” by ignoring your body is counterproductive.

Instead, take time – many times during the day – to connect with your body by taking mindful, deep breaths, pressing your feet on the ground and giving yourself a hug. According to expert Lisa Dion, “Breathing and pressing tells your system, ‘I am here … I am safe’” and actually presses the reset button in your nervous system so you can think rationally.

That couldn’t be more important than it is right now, so take these three important steps:

RESET so you’re thinking creatively and strategically

REFRAME what you’re experiencing as unprecedented opportunity

PIVOT, do something different

Aha! ~ This is a new chance to build what you’ve always wanted

You have everything you need right here, right now. You may not see it, not because it’s not there, but because you’re not aware of it. Many people won’t get this but I know you will….that it’s your conditioning that determines what you see because you’re not seeing with your eyes you’re seeing through your eyes.

When you’re aware of your programming you realize that everything you are seeking is seeking you. This is huge. Centre yourself, open up to opportunity, and get out of your own way. You’ll then shift from, “OMG look what I’ve lost” to “OMG look where I can go!”

Try this mantra on for size: I am so happy and grateful now that I have the knowledge, the time, the discipline; the willpower and the support to easily and joyfully achieve _________ (fill in the blank).

The world is pivoting. Do you have a game plan?

Here is a question: where could you go to earn the income you want, with a global reach, without having to upgrade your current skill set, work from home, with no typical business overhead, in a culture that thrives on personal development, and with unprecedented mentoring to create the life you want to live?

That’s my game plan. Have you had enough turbulence and ready to reset, too? Want to know if my strategy fits for you? (There’s no accident we’re connected, right?)


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