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Puja to Your Body

Have you ever tried to lose weight or reshape your body in some way?

What method did you use? Did you follow a program that limited the type of foods or where you needed to measure them in some way? Were there time intervals suggested for eating, moving, sleeping or prepping? Did you accomplish your goals and live happily ever after or slide back at some point?

Making a change of any kind requires vision, courage, education, a plan and often a buddy or support network. But, I’ve come to realize that when it comes to our body, we know SO little about it, and are bombarded with information, often conflicting, and from a multitude of sources, that the change we embark upon becomes complicated and difficult. At which point, the only thing becoming slimmer is the chance of success.

What does it take to have a healthy, fit body? What if your will is a little less iron and a little more aluminum?

Aha! ~ “Your body is a manifestation of God, and if you honor your body, everything will change for you.” ~ Don Miguel Ruiz

In essence, work through your creator to, “…stand up and be human…” and honor the man or woman that you are. When you love and respect your body you naturally want to feed it, clean it, exercise it and heal it in a way that feels good. “This is puja to your body, and that is a communion between you and God.”

Consider that you’ve been railroaded from loving yourself. There is fluoride in your water, chemicals in your food, unnatural medicines, slavery to success, runaway inflation, damaging rays from your connected devices, and addictive substances in every shop to serve the chronic need for time-outs. It’s all counter-intuitive to anyone wishing for health and vibrance.

When you “stand up and be human”, truly appreciate your intelligent body, and reconnect with your intuition as to how to maintain it, you will naturally make choices that bring you back to perfection.

My personal Rx is nature!

I’m studying the work of Dr. Jack Kruse who says when you understand light, water and magnetism, everything changes. He’s very technical so it’s taking me several hours to learn the basics but intuitively I need to follow the truth about who we are. Find more on “Puja” on our Human Approach YouTube channel.

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