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Put You First

What is priority today?

On my to-do list today is to finish up another section of my upcoming book, “50 Simple Ways to Release the Shackles of Self-Sabotage”, retrieve paperwork for the bookkeeper, pay bills, order my sister’s birthday gift, write my blog, take my car in for servicing, do laundry (I’m not around on the weekend), begin the research required for new orders, follow up on current orders, watch/listen to three videos/podcasts (daily ritual), check all banks accounts and credit card statements (another daily on-line ritual after earlier years of being compromised), send yesterday’s video call link to friends interested in buying silver, stay on top of emails, upload social media posts, cancel unwanted subscriptions, make food plus some protein bars for my son, record a meditation, and get outside for fresh air and exercise.

I imagine your day looks similar likely even busier if you have small children.

Now I didn’t populate this list in any deliberate order – just allowed the list to flow through me as I wrote – but noticed that the things I planned to do for myself were at the bottom of the list. And if I followed this list in order, I might run out of time … and oftentimes I do. You understand.

One of my resolutions is to mix up any kind of routine that puts myself last and to put myself first. To me that doesn’t necessarily mean I have to do the “me” things first – I prefer to exercise later in the day vs. the morning – but commit to carving that indisputable time that won’t get stolen by someone or something else or have me rushing through urgent things to impede on important things.

January 1st is when many commit to turn over a new leaf of sorts and the crowded gyms and health-food stores are testament to “getting healthy” or “releasing weight” are top goals. But what happens around the third week of January when the will wears off and life as usual continues to flow in? What does it take to override the social pressure and engrained paradigms to stick to your promise of being You 2.0?

Aha! ~ Falling short is not your fault

There are clever mind-control tactics being employed regularly in ALL the media you consume to keep you plugged into to toxins – like coffee and alcohol – that minimize your ability to think clearly, stay focused and accomplish what your heart of hearts truly wants.

Have a peek at this short video to see how easy it is for our minds to be hacked (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RksLFJ7A2M&t=1s). It takes awareness and your adult superpower to override it, but you are worth it!

Speaking of awareness and superpower, be sure to join the conversation tomorrow – Tuesday, January 10th at NOON EASTERN – here.

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