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Quality Versus Quantity

Aha!  Moment Monday

In my early twenties, as an account executive in the cosmetics industry, I had a multitude of suits, scarves and shoes. I had a white suit, mauve suit, yellow suit, tweed suit, royal suit, pink suit – you name it – as well as scarves, belts and costume jewellery that matched. I loved having the variety of interchangeable outfits as I was on the road, at retail or in executive offices the majority of my workdays. Nothing I owned was expensive – at the time I often bought my clothes at retailers like Sears or Le Chateau – but my closet was jammed and gave me great pleasure to open those doors and have an abundance of choices.

The suits and shoes are long gone but what remained, was my collection of costume jewellery which measured in volume to many department stores’ selections. One day I spread it all on my dining room table, discarded what was damaged or no longer useful, polybagged the pairs and sets, then donated the entire collection to a local charity with a store.

I am a big fan of keeping things in circulation – if I am not using something, someone else gets it – but this effort of donating the big basket of colourful jewellery was actually out of realization that I typically rotate between a handful of gold and silver pieces that are gifts. I was happier wearing those symbolic pieces of fine jewellery as opposed to needing colour or variety.

Do you have any quality-over-quantity rules? Do you prefer getting in quick workouts or fewer, well-defined workouts? Do you value your social media following of thousands or focus on a few close friends? Do you save for one monumental holiday every few years or do you enjoy quick bursts of fun and travel more frequently?

Do you need to choose?

Aha! ~ Quality is a personalized approach.

There is no shortage of information to suggest that quality over quantity is more Zen, saves money, brings efficiency, conserves energy, brings depth… but who is to say that the size of your wardrobe, the length of your workout, the depth of your network or the thrill of your vacation is to be measured by anyone but you? Isn’t it most important that you take a quality approach to life, whatever that means to you?

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” ~ William A. Foster. And that personalized “wise choice” of everything from food to time is exclusively yours to make.

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