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Quantum Health Leap

Have you ever heard the term, “Quantum Biology”?

With the impending confusion this fall with regards to what it will take to protect our precious bodies and enjoy optimal health, let’s have a macro-micro-macro talk about keeping health simple.

I will insert Rachel Maurice M.D.’s explanation of Quantum Biology first since she is one who is masterful, in my opinion, at uncomplicating the complicated.

“We are creatures that live in a physical body made up of body parts. Those parts can be broken down into organs, which are made up of tissues, and ultimately cells. Each cell has components such as, molecules, enzymes, and organelles like mitochondria. When we look even deeper we see that every molecule within us is comprised of atoms. Each atom has protons, neutrons, and electrons, which we refer to as subatomic particles and the signals to our biological processes are run primarily by physics ( biophysics ).”

Let’s take sunlight for example. Sunlight is comprised of a spectrum of magnetic frequencies that span from infrared, through the visible spectrum to ultraviolet light. Infra red-light makes up about 50% of the solar radiation. Infra-red A light impacts every single mitochondria to improve its efficiency to produce energy. Who doesn’t want more energy? Aside from simply having more energy, you can improve the function of organ systems, hormone regulation, even slow down aging, and much more. All of this can happen just by the mere act of getting more natural light into your eyes especially at sunrise and sunset.

Aha!  ~ “Changes on the subatomic scale, to these minuscule particles can have massive effects on the macro scale.”

Translation: small changes yield big results.

Macro – desire for a healthy physical body

Micro – learn the needs of the subatomic particles that comprise your body

Macro – expose yourself to sunlight to receive more energy + + +

How easy is that?

The current model uses biochemistry.  When you dive more deeply into this new paradigm, you will recognize the profound effects the earth’s energy has to our well-being and the positive health changes you can enjoy by tapping in.

Quick story: when my son was at the Canadian Junior Golf Championships years ago, he had a bike accident the night before the final round.  His knee all stitched up and him in pain he played a phenomenal final round however by the time we got home (a 4.5-hour plane ride the next day), the cut had become infected.  Off to the walk-in clinic we went only for the seasoned doctor to suggest my son elevate his leg, higher than his heart, for three days.  “No ointments or other treatments?” I asked. “No” he responded. “We don’t have a sweet clue how the body works we just know it does.”

Give your body what it needs and it will reward you every day afterwards.

Dr. Maurice is in high demand so I won’t be able to get her for an interview until Human U opens up in late September. In the meantime, find her at www.rachelmauricemd.com and pop onto our A Human Approach Youtube channel to view the newest video entitled Quantum Health Leap for just a little more clarity on protecting your health.

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