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Aha Moment Monday

It’s inherent in everything in nature to grow.  And because energy is always moving, if something isn’t growing it’s disintegrating.

There is no holding pattern, no status quo.  Something is either expanding or contracting.


As beings, we’re wired for expansion and fuller expression.

Opportunity to grow is everywhere but it takes awareness to grow; awareness of self, awareness of environment, and awareness of choices, to name a few.


Sometimes we have growth as our intention yet fall short of our potential.  We’re focused on opportunity – perhaps people who can connect us and circumstances that fit with our vision – exterior blessings for that big break.


In reviewing scholarship applications I noticed that one applicant had designed a personal logo which was watermarked on each page of her submission.

Her personal brand – values and intentions – were represented by this design and through her application she expanded on who she was and how she was looking to serve.


Are we looking for opportunity in people other than ourselves? Are we ignoring the attitudes and actions that identify ourselves that can block or edge our ‘luck’ along?


Aha – you need to know yourself to improve yourself


In a Forbes article entitled, “10 Career Milestones to Hit Before Age 30”, the author says, ‘You grow when you learn something about yourself.  You grow when you speak your truth at work.  You grow when you mentor someone else.”


Speaking up, volunteering and taking a risk by sharing an idea are meaningful ways to expand your unique talents and abilities..  They’re also meaningful ways to grow into your goals.

Being in integrity with your values – honesty, happiness, respect, teamwork, or whatever is important to you – then applying YOU everywhere is your best investment.


Richard Branson reminds us, “Respect is how you want to treat everyone, not just those you want to impress.”

You just never know, eh?


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