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Recognition’s Secret Weapon

Aha Moment Monday

I have a theory about the reason for re-gifting. See if you agree.
My theory is that people tend to buy for others things that which they like as opposed to things that the other would like. They take the “Golden Rule” a little too literally!

It’s not that their intentions aren’t sincere – not at all – it’s more that they find something that they fell in love with (or would really appreciate receiving themselves), and knowing that you are friends, they expect that you would love it, too.
Sometimes that is totally the case but often times not.

The same holds true in business.
A group of boomers will sit around the table discussing their values and in what form they like to be appreciated. The danger is in them assuming that all generations wish to be appreciated in the same way

Aha – “When you go fishing, you don’t bring the fish food you will like, you bring food that the fish will like.” Dr. Jussi Eerikainen, Author: Transforming Vibes, Transforming Lives!

In a nutshell, the answer to awesome gift-giving is “empathy”.

The thing is, empathy is a skill that is rare and immensely valued but extremely difficult to develop.
Because you see things through your own eyes and conditioning. You can’t help but impose your thoughts and emotions on everything you see and everything you do…. gift-buying included.

In order to be empathetic you need to jump out of your own thinking and immerse yourself into someone else’s – to see things through their eyes – which is an extraordinary talent.

While the basics of human nature are common amongst us all, like our need to know that we matter, recognition can be an individual thing. The secret weapon – beyond market research and focus group – is empathy.
To grow the fish in your pond, know what food they like.


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