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Right, Right, You’re Bloody Well Right

Aha!  Moment Monday

On what do you take a stand?  Are there elements of life with which you are flexible and others where you have a definitive opinion or belief?

Brands are encouraged to take a stand on issues that align with their mission and purpose.  Consumers relate better to the brand promise when they see social proof of what the brand stands for.

Werner Erhard said, “Self expression is a function of responsibility”.  What we feel strongly about and take some level of responsibility for is what motivates us to want to express it.

But what if that expression crosses the moral line of another?  Where is the line in the sand? Are opposing views constructive or destructive?

Aha! ~ “I’m not here to be right.  I’m here to get it right.”  ~ Brene Brown

The shift in thinking of being right to getting it right re-positions you as the messenger, with the goal being to bring enlightened change that lifts us all.

Erhard calls ‘taking a stand’, “A powerful way of being that can enable an individual to have an impact in the course of humanity.” And if it is a way of being then it must be felt at the core and since we are all connected, that way of being knows a bigger purpose.

Brown reminds us that having the courage to take a stand requires a heavy dose of vulnerability … which first requires dispelling vulnerability as a weakness. To courageously take a stand in an effort to raise humanity demands we accept that there is a level of uncertainty, a degree of risk and the guarantee of being emotionally exposed, all of which, by the way, define “vulnerable”.

Being both vulnerable and courageous at expressing our beliefs gives us the balance to deliver – versus defend – our convictions in a way that entertains new beliefs in light of the bigger mission: to positively impact humanity.

Gives a whole new meaning to being an influencer, eh?

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