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Aha!  Moment Monday


Spring is in the air!!!!!!!!!!

And for those of us in the northern hemisphere, how amazing does the rebirth of spring feel? Ah, the buds are on the trees and with the last melt, that blanket of white has provided nourishment to the life springing up from the ground. The breeze has warmed and the sun is in Aries … how inviting!

What does spring mean for you? Spring cleaning? Getting in shape? More time in nature?

If you’re like many, you’ve experienced this past winter as being a bit heavier than in previous years but the reason may not be what you think!

From my studies I have come to a realization about this and have an idea of how we can make this spring even more beneficial. Here’s the background: when someone in an authoritative or respected position instills fear and uncertainty, it stressed us out. Stress puts our bodymind (as Deepak Chopra calls it) into fight-or-flight mode which means the prefrontal cortex – the part of the brain responsible for complex cognitive behaviour, decision-making and moderating social behaviour – shuts down and we operate from the primitive or reptilian brain. There, we do not think or logicize, we react instinctively in an effort to be safe. Just think if you were being chased by a lion you wouldn’t stop and think of options, you’d simply run away, right?

The problem with being in this fight-or-flight stress pattern for an extended period of time – which is what you are owning with the bombardment of messages driving fear and uncertainty – is that it creates chronic stress and ultimately dis-ease. You are not designed to be chased by the lion endlessly or be suspended in flight-or-flight indefinitely. How do ignore the fear and stop running? What is the first step to outsmarting the lion?

Aha! ~ take control of your health first.

When you are stressed and looking for safety you unconsciously – habitually – default to your conditioning and tribe and do what everyone there is doing. After all, there is safety in numbers, right? Not necessarily. Behaviour specialists will remind you that if you are following the herd, you are probably going the wrong way.

The really big issue about taking care of your health first, as shared by Jason Christoff, “What you are learning is always acted on yourself first.” This is huge. You are unconsciously, inwardly directing all of your fear, anger and frustrations and taking it out on yourself. In order to be your best self, your body – your instrument, your temple – needs to be solid and in good working condition and that starts with a healthy mind. When you recognize that fear is simply “not being present” and decide to take control of your feed and choices, you are primed to spring forward in a big way. #riseup

Tuesday at noon LIVE we do a tune-up on Trailblazers. It’s time to take A Human Approach.

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