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Risky Business

Aha!  Moment Monday

What’s the risk of getting out of bed in the morning?

We’re admittedly creatures of routine with a desire for consistency and security – homeostasis even – and with a tendency to take that routine for granted. We start each day with a certain level of trust that the day will unfold relatively as we expect it to.

However, life’s pendulum is always moving its way back and forth from comfy centre bringing us a delightful surprise at one moment, then a shocking surprise that seriously tests us not long afterwards. Back and forth it goes; we live and we learn to different degrees depending on the momentum of the pendulum.

Every once in a while, the pendulum swings so far in one direction that we lose sight of it in the distance. We bask in the glory of happiness and abundance when it returns from the direction of light and shake our heads in disbelief when it brings us profound sadness from the depth of darkness. Everything has changed.

With so much uncertainty about us, the risk of getting up in the morning feel even more risky? How can you trust that when your feet hit the floor today – any day – that you will be okay?

Aha! ~ You can always choose to be SAFE.

S      Stay grounded in self-belief. Regardless of what life throws your way don’t judge it as good or bad, accept it and keep going. You are pre-equipped with the knowledge, support, resources, creativity, stamina, resilience and ability to handle absolutely anything.

A      Ask good questions. It is perfectly natural to be afraid of what we don’t understand. Asking questions is like moving a dimmer switch upward to the full “ON” position. The more carefully crafted, open-ended questions you have answers to, the more your radar is up. Coupled with your reasoning factor, your intuitive factor helps you to both think and feel your way along.

F      Forgive yourself. If in hindsight you did something you wished you could change, let it go. Part of experiencing life is to take responsibility to always be evolving. You can’t turn back the clock – no do-overs – but you can go confidently forward dimmer switch in hand.

E      Expect to grow as a result of the change. If you choose to blame circumstances or to simply surrender any level of influence you may have towards change, you are discarding the lesson change brings. Be grateful for lessons as they trigger awareness – illumination – which support your resilience and show you the way.

“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” C.S. Lewis What a great story you’re living!


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