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Aha!  Moment Monday

Is “debt” a four-letter word?

I know there are four letters in the word but is “debt” considered a “bad word” like the other four-letter words I dare not mention?

There is secured debt, credit card debt, consumer debt, fixed debt, deductable debt, even being indebted to someone.  Debt can feel like a weight.

In “The Highway to Financial Freedom”, coach and author Ben Mannion equates bad debt to swimming upstream, “…what you are doing is swimming against the current, sometimes in the middle of the river where the current is strongest.  This will cause you the most resistance and push you further away from your destination.”  Now we understand that money, itself, is a currency and current comes from the Latin word curraunt which means to flow, run, or move along (so I like the metaphor).  The paradox here, being that the exhaustion in debt overload may be a result of going with the flow – following the crowd – in the first place!

Does our conditioning and perception about debt railroad us into thinking that diving in is a bad thing?  Since everything has an opposite it makes sense that there must be “good debt” in which we could move swimmingly along to arrive at our destination quicker.

Good debt then must be to leverage financial resources to grow stocks, real estate and corporate earnings.  But what about the investment in ourselves and the debt we owe to society – more importantly, ourselves – to explode our unique talents and abilities?

Aha! ~ “The person that acquires the ability to take full possession of his own mind may take
possession of everything else to which that he is justly entitled.”  Andrew Carnegie

“Money isn’t everything…” Ben adds “… until you haven’t any and then it becomes everything.”

By consciously, systematically, and regularly investing in all aspects of yourself you stand a good chance of staying ahead of life’s unexpected curves.  The inflation rate might be at 1.9% but your expansion rate is many times that when learning becomes a habit…financial literacy being one important subject.

Sometimes you just need to pause to assess debt – the bad debt and the good debt – and decide to maximize R.O.I. by investing in that which will get all the good stuff flowing in your direction.  Ben suggests we include an element of fun and enjoy the ride.

What’s in your raft?


More on Ben  www.benmannion.com


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