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What are you getting ready for?

That big break?  Just the right customer? A program launch? Retirement? A race? A promotion? A baby?  

I remember being in the audience of about 5000 people to see and listen to Zig Ziglar.  It has to be more than 20 years ago now but the experience was so impactful, I remember much of it  – what he said, how he presented, how he made everyone feel – and that I had a brief moment with him at the end to thank him for it all.

Zig had a way of engaging the audience to list beliefs and programming, incorporate that input to break success down to its simplest form and deliver a most inspiring message.  One of his clear messages was that you can’t expect to be in the game without becoming ready.

What we saw of Zig’s presentation was that he was candidly rehearsed; in other words, he was so good that his information seemed to flow out naturally, enthusiastically and without missing a beat.  Many people would simply say he was a “natural” but what Zig confessed was that while everyone else was out partying the night before, he was in his hotel room reviewing his notes and practicing his presentation. 

Here’s the clincher; Zig wasn’t getting himself ready to present, he was getting himself ready to receive.

Aha! ~ Abundance arrives when you are in the vibration to receive.

And that vibration happens when you’re getting ready. 

You see you’re conditioning yourself – readying yourself – with behaviours, actions and rituals while feeling the energy of success, so that when the “coach” calls, you’re ready to get in the game.

When you don’t feel like writing, write.  When you don’t feel like doing the dishes, do the dishes.  When you don’t feel like moving your body, move. When you don’t feel like making that call, make the call. When you don’t feel like having a shower, shower. When you don’t feel like getting on that webinar, get on. When you don’t feel like cooking, cook.

About 95% of our decisions are based on how we feel in the moment, but confidence and satisfaction come from doing, especially when that something brings personal satisfaction.

Zig achieved a huge level of satisfaction sharing his stories and inspiration and as Abraham Hicks says, when you quiet yourself and pay attention to living in an energetic field of satisfaction, there is no resistance, and at that moment, that’s when momentum happens.

Life happens one Aha! Moment at a time.

Did you know that in his early days as a door-to-door vacuum salesman Zig was illiterate? He tasked himself to remember people’s names, addresses and phone numbers then at the end of the day, when he returned home, he gave all the information to his wife and she wrote up the orders.  Let’s talk more about what it means to get ready energetically on A Human Approach entitled, Satisfaction

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