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Say “Cheese!”

Aha! Moment Monday

They’ve got it all figured out.  They upload Instagram story after story, Facebook post after post, and always seem to be making another announcement on Linked In.  It’s totally obvious that their life is amazing!!  The pictures, the people, the followers … all evidence that they’re right on track.

You can’t help but see that they’re making all the right choices with all the right people and that their life is falling into place like soldiers in a parade.

So you decide it’s time to step up your game just a tad and before you’ve even finished your thought, your inner critic decides to jump in.  She knows you better than anyone and is with you even when you wish she wasn’t.  Her words of warning stop you in your track.

But you want that amazing life you see on Instagram … the one where you’re always smiling, travelling, socializing and winning!

Aha! ~ Social media is one dimensional

Social media is that brief moment when someone peels back the curtain to allow you just a peek at what’s behind it.

You see, the downfall with having fewer personal interactions and counting on life’s updates through social media is that we don’t get the entire picture, only the glimpse that others allow us to see.  And that’s typically the good stuff.

As for your inner critic, it’s been in place since the beginning of humankind.  It has one job, according to Lisa Nirell of EnergizeGrowth, “… to foster fear and self doubt”.  The worst part?  Inner critics are loudest when we are about to face a breakthrough or are in crisis. Your critic may not speak words; instead may appear in the form of procrastination, self-medication and lethargy according to PC Today’s post entitled, “How to Build Your Professional Resilience” and sometimes seeing others who seem to have life by the … well, you know … can trigger an unwarranted questioning of whether or not you’re squarely on the path you deserve.

While seldom, if ever, do people post about their personal struggles, arguments, challenges, downfalls or dilemmas we all own them.  Nothing comes from nothing AND everyone else’s inner critic is alive and well and waiting to spare them from danger, too.  As for the snaps of “say cheese”, they’re just a slice of the bigger block.

Understand what triggers your inner critic and know that everything you want for that amazing life is already within reach.  You’ve got this.

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